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Our collection of railway artefacts is the largest in New Brunswick, and consists of a variety of full-size railway cars, as well as numerous smaller artefacts that are housed in our museum buildings. Several of our railway cars including: a caboose, coaches and locomotives are available for wandering through, viewing, and inspecting of their interiors.

The New Brunswick Railway Museum has over a dozen pieces of rolling stock in its collection. About half of the Museum’s rolling stock is from passenger operations, while the remainder is of freight, maintenance-of-way and service equipment.


Steam locomotive ex-CNR 1009 - 2012 was its 100th birthday
Diesel-electric locomotive ex-CNR 1754
Diesel-electric locomotive ex-CNR 8245

Passenger Train Equipment

First-class passenger car ex-CNR 4275 - originally GTR 2335 – will be 100 years in 2014
Passenger car ex-CNR 5297 "CRESCENT"
Passenger car ex-CNR 5229 "CASCADE"
Colonist car ex-CNR 2737 "CHESTERFIELD" - originally Pullman 6175 – It will be 102 years old in 2013.

Other Passenger Equipment on Site

Dining car 6733 "SUNSET" (originally CNR Coach 5433)
Lounge car 1000 "VALLEY VIEW" (originally CNR Observation Car 1077 “Fort Francis”)
Lounge car 1002 "MOUNTAIN VIEW" (originally CNR Observation Car 1079 “Fort George”)
Sleeper 2079 "SAINT JOHN RIVER" (originally NYC 10161, “Agawan River”)

Maintenance-of-way Equipment

100-ton steam crane ex-CPR 414324 – 2013 is its 100th Birthday
Crane idler car ex-CPR 412722 – originally CPR flat car 307603
Jordan Spreader ex-CNR 51040
Fire tender ex-CNR 52147 – originally tender from CNR 6173
Boxcar ex-CNR 506469 – outside braced boxcar, used as Division’s Tool Car
Double-ended snowplough ex-CNR 55698
Flatcar ex-CNR 662101
Ballast car ex-CNR 104095 – built to patented design “Improved Hart Convertible Car”

Other Equipment

Caboose/van ex-CNR 78727
Caboose/van ex-CNR 79082 – owned by a CRHA member
Baggage car ex-CNR 8605 – originally ordered for the Canadian Northern Railway
Tank car 36377 – originally Union Tank Car – next to the ex-CPR Steam Crane
Tank car 36025 – originally Union Tank Car – on the Display track with flat car

Equipment for Restoration

Flanger/snow plough ex-CNR 56471 – built using the frame of CNR box car 413949
Railway Post Office Car ex-CNR 74993 – originally Mail & Express car 9734
Boxcar ex-CNR 508140 – an outside braced boxcar used in OCS service as 74857