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CN 2737

Equipment Type Heavyweight Passenger Car
Operational Yes
Built by Pullman Car Company
Build date 1911
Serial number  
Total length 25.1m (82' 6")
Weight 70.3 tonnes (77.5 tons)


Sleeper 6175 (6137) "CHESTERFIELD" was built by the Pullman Car Company as a Pullman Sleeper in 1911, lot number 3893. It bore the name "CHESTERFIELD" when it was acquired by CN in 1941 for conversion to Colonist Car 2737. It was used in troop trains during the war and on immigrant trains after the war.

The white compartments overhead are not pre-airline baggage compartments, but pull-down beds that were anchored to the back of the seat. In later years there was a light inside the upper berth, and we were told by an employee from the Winnipeg (Transcona) shops that apprentices were locked into the berths to check that the lights went out when the berths were closed. The back of the seat slides down into a horizontal position and creates a second berth under the pull-down bed. In 1864 a Mr. Myer took out a patent on the method of using the back of the coach seat to create a berth. One ladder was provided, and once you were up in your berth you stayed there until it was your turn to use the ladder - or you became very adept at leaping. The rear compartment was probably used as a snack bar area. Colonist cars prior to the "snack bar" era are reported to have had stoves in the back compartment at which the passengers took turns cooking their meals as they travelled across Canada.

By 1962 most of the cars of this type (class PE-73-E) were retired. CN 2737 was one of the last, being retired in 1968. It was acquired by the C.R.H.A. Musem at Delson, Quebec and displayed for several years. In November 1983 it was moved to Hillsborough on a flat car. It is 25.1m (82' 6") long, 4.3m (14' 2" high), weighs 70.3 tonnes (77.5 tons) and rides on 6-wheel trucks. It was renumbered by the S & H to 600 "SLEEPY HAVEN" in 1984, then to 6175 "CHESTERFIELD" in 1985, and finally to 2737. It is in regular service.

The interior of the car. Note the white overhead compartments.
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