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The New Brunswick Railway Museum

Baggage Car Project

Over the past few years, the New Brunswick Railway Museum has been refurbishing our CN baggage car #8665. The baggage car served as our ticket office for many years, prior to the construction of the replica Hillsborough station. The intent of this refurbishment is to bring the car back to good order, and to provide additional display space for the Museum.

Undertaking this project would not have been possible without the support of others. The NB Division of the CRHA would like to acknowledge the support of various parties including Heritage Moncton and The New Brunswick Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport. Thanks to all for their support and encouragement.

Baggage car
An interior view of the baggage car early in the project. 2007/02/10
Baggage car
Malcolm Peacock installs one of the new heaters in the car. 2007/02/24
Baggage car door
The new door for the car. 2007/10/26
Baggage car roof
Major roof work was required to repair leaks. 2007/11/20
Renewing the finish on the wall. 2008/08/28
Baggage car floor
The new floor is almost complete. 2008/09/19

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